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  • Update September 2013: Set Styling for PRAE NYC withChristelle De Castro

    Photographer Christelle De Castro invited Pam Tietze creator of H0les and I to do some set design and styling for PRAE NYC look book Sping/Summer 2014. The look book is still in it editing stages and will be available online soon.


    More work from Christelle De Castro

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  • Update April 5th 2013: NEW MUSEUMS:IDEAS CITY

    I have been invited to do a full room installation for the New Museums Biannual Party titled "Ideas City". My past light and sound infused wall piece will be on display. This time around there is an accompanying installation incorporated in with it. I am doing this show with the gallery support of INTERSTATE PROJECTS owner and curator Tom Weinrich.

    More info can be found here
  • Update March 1st 2013: SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW 2013

    This year I teamed up with collaboratorSadaf H. Nava for SPRING/BREAK. This years fair is still curator driven and has expanded to an even larger audience. SPRING/BREAK again is an official off show of the Armory during Armory Arts week.

    More info can be found here

    Selected Pre/Post Press:


    ARTINFO (1),


    ART FAG CITY (1)


    ART FAG CITY (2),

    ARTINFO (3),





  • Update February 9th 2013: Museum of Design Residence with ESP TV

    ESP TVhas invited me to curate their final taping for their 3 month MAD Residence. For the night I have combined effort and will be adding the following Artists and performers to the night.

    3 Teens Kill 4 (performance)
    Mauro Remiddi + Christopher Puidokas (performance)
    David Wojnarowicz (video screening)
    Leigha Mason (video screening)

    Also for the night is:

  • Update December 15th 2012: BLACK LODGE SHOWPost Show

    Show and Performance went well. Here are some photos/video of my work and a link to Interstate Projects site featuring an overview of the show.

    *Interstate Projects

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  • Update October 1st 2012: BLACK LODGE SHOW

    Interstate Projects has invited Chris Puidokas and I to perform and have a piece in the group show titled "The Black Lodge" We are building and performing in front of two large towering panels that will absorb our live soundtrack and emit it in reverse. The reverse sound will be controlled and come forth periodically through out the performance. The sound panels will also light up based off the sound it collects making it a more of a living and animated object. There will be a smaller version in the gallery for the remainder of the shows run.

    Artist include

    *Jesse Bransford
    *Hayal Pozanti
    *Lauren Seiden
    *Maria Petschnig
    *Michael Robinson
    *Adam Putnam
    *Sara Ludy
    *Caris Reid
    *Joseph Jagos/Chris Puidokas
  • Update September 24th 2012: Post Photo Show September 19th

    The show happened and took place. Below is coverage on the event. Thanks to Bushwick Daily for being the Editors Pick.

    Links to reviews and stories pre/post coverage...



    Bushwick Daily


    Opening Ceremony

    EB Cult

  • Update September 1st 2012: Photo Show September 19th

    I will be curating a one night only photo show September 19th. The flyer to the right explains the idea behind the show.

    Photographers included in the show are-

    *Grant Singer
    *Christelle de Castro
    *Brayden Olson
    *Kate Stein
    *Brian DeRan
    *Nick Gazin
    *Jamie Nelson
    *Cara Stricker
    *Josef Kraska
    *Cle torres
    *Hisham Akira Bharoocha
    *Carly Rabalais
    *Elizabeth Weinberg
    *Mitchell Mclennan
    *Roger Kisby
    *Nina Westervelt
    *Kyle Knodell
    *Ben Pier
    *Chris Coady

    Flyer Here... --->

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  • Update June 1st 2012: Summer Break

    Summer should be like this
    Be back in September

  • Update April 10th 2012: Post SPRING/BREAK Art show coverage

    I just returned from Australia again and only recently been able to update the happenings from the SPRING/BREAK art show. I literally broke my installation down the day before I had to jump on a plane and fly out. Thanks to Interstate Projects and head directors of SPRING/BREAK art show Andrew Gori and Ambere Kelly, the opening went solid and ran it's full course during Armory Week. The 3 level school was full of roughly 50 some artist and 23 curators of assorted galleries. Some of my favorite contributors included were Envoy Enterprises and Dora + Maja. Opening night I was able to do a live performance to showcase the functionality of the installation. The music and sounds cause the entire space to pulsate with lights in an organic light and sound symphony. Art Info was kind enough to call it "one of this rewarding fair’s most elaborate installations." Also below are links to Reviews and mentions of my work in the show.

    Links to reviews and stories...
    Art Info

    Art Log (Tuesday March 6th NIGHT)

    Opening Ceremony

    L Magazine


    Video of Live Performance and installation (best at 6 minutes)... --->

  • Update Feb 27th 2012: Featured photo stories on Grand Life hotels website

    Thanks to Grand Life Hotels my photos i shoot for fashion week every 6 months has been brought to light. Evie Bear, the websites lifestyle curator took me on as their go to photographer for runway and backstage. Recently on the Grand Life website they did stories on Proenza Schouler, Karen Walker, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Duckie Brown featuring my photos. All photos are a cross combined effort of candid combined with compositionally laid out shots. I attempt to shoot in a fashion that's non typical, from the usual runway, or backstage faux-pas shot. There are also extra fashion week photos that are not featured on Grand Lifes site for view here Photo 2

    Links to stories...
    Prozenza Schouler

    Karen Walker

    Duckie Brown

    Alexander Wang

    Marc Jacobs

    Examples here... --->

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  • Update Feb 2nd 2012: SPRING/BREAK 'Apocalist'

    Thanks to Interstate Projects I have been given a show in SoHo at the Old School. Last year was really over the top and with the full support of theArmory Showthis year i'm excited to be contributing with a full on 1500sqft/139.35sq meter installation. The installation will be a sensory futurist landscape controlled by on lookers movements. The vip opening is March 6th and runs through the the 12th. The opening on March 6th will include a performance by Chris Puidokas, Matthew Bernick, and myself. More info below...

    SPRING/BREAK | An exhibition of New York's emerging artists

    In celebration of leaping before too careful a look, and in homage to the Old School exhibition space and its break from hosting established art organizations in order to curate something of its own - SPRING/BREAK will launch with full support of the Armory Art Show. Lasting March 6th - 12th, SPRING/BREAK will consider how human beings process hysterical and mundane iterations of the end with curatorial projects commissioned for its 4 story NoLIta expanse.

    Tentatively titled Apocalist, SPRING/BREAK is looking to showcase curatorial concepts surrounding the renewed sense of direction, disorder, celebration, or disdain generated by real or invented global or personal assumptions of calamity. In the midst of the highly anticipated two-thousand and twelfth year after the common era - with all manner of half-baked end-of-days hysteria already in full swing - what reactions to the idea of mortality are we least immune? There is an odd excitement, even if disbelief abounds. There is an understanding of an "apocalypse" meaning our personal end in the micro, of 2012 signifying an end to many things as we crawl out of the contemporary world, and approach a full immersion - a hope to arrive, enlightened - in the old 20th century idea of the Future.

    RSVP:Essential - rsvp@springbreakartshow.com

    March 6-12, 2012
    Old School, 233 Mott Street, NYC
    Part of the Armory Arts Week
    SoHo Night: March 8, 2012

    Artist and Curators below...

    Curators include:
    Curação Calymayor, Angela Conant, Miky Fabrega, Robert O. Fitzpatrick, Alex Freedman, Andrew Gori, Ambre Kelly, Sean Kinney, Natalie Kovacs, Patrick Meagher, Yunhee Min, Helene Necroto, PJ Monte, Lisa Pomares, Amanda Schmitt, Jamie Sterns, Cecelia Stucker, Maureen Sullivan, Eve Sussman, Chen Tamir, Helen Toomer- Labzda, Tom Weinrich, and Manish Vora.

    Artists include:
    Artliars, Atelier VanLieshout, Lisha Bai, Sarah Bereza, Bigert & Bergström, BoyfriendGirlfriend, Joe Brittain, Jim Budman, Shelley Burgon, Atom Cianfarani, Ben Cohen, Anne-Lise Coste, Dora Budor + Maja Cule, Myla Dalbesio, Violet Dennison, Leah Dixon, Miky Fabrega, Fall On Your Sword, David Alexander Flinn, Jeremy Floto, Noam Gonick, Sage Grazer, Marc Horowitz, Joe Jagos, Algis Antanas Kizys + Simon Lee, Maia Ruth Lee, Sanaz Mazinani, Glynnis McDaris, Jesse McLean, Jane Moseley, Jamie O’Shea, Takako Oishi, Brent Owens, Aurora Ixchel Pellizzi, Krista Peters, PPP, William Rahilly, Real Quick For Fun, Christine Rebet, Rachel Rossin, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Desi Santiago, Silvershed, Sirra Sigurdardottir, Jennifer Sullivan, Eve Sussman, thefuturefuture, Kevin Trageser, Brad Troemel, Troika, Grace Villamil, Pete Voelker, Cassandra Warner.
  • Update Oct 14th 2011: IN PEACE & WAR, 3 TEENS KILL 4


    I Recently was given the opportunity to perform vocals with the original 3 Teens Kill 4 line up. I will be standing in as David Wojnarowicz on a song (or two) as well as getting the chance to sing back up along side of Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. The benefit will be for HOWL!. HOWL! is an emergency medical and social services safety net administered by the venerable ACTORS FUND which helps un- (or under-)insured Artists and Performers who have made, or continue to make their careers in the East Village/Lower East Side. Below is more info on attending.

    Theater 80 Saint Marks, October 27, 28 + 29 ¥ 80 ST. MARKS PLACE (AT FIRST AVENUE), New York, NY

    3 NIGHTS ONLY: Thurs.10/27, Fri 10/28, Sat 10/29 8 PM $20

    TICKETS: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/200443

    On the anniversary of last years Mudd Club/Club 57 reunion party, New York City post-punk-toy-pop legends 3 Teens Kill 4 invite you all to shake a can of beans at: In Peace & War, 3 Teens Kill 4... A multi-media exploration into their music including live performance, film, video, animation, dance and even PowerPoint. with special guests including Joe Jagos, with choreography by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Yvonne Meier, with Ben van Buren and Emily Wexler, also featuring Eliza Upton-Green, additional choreography by Martha Tornay. Animation by Sarah Cruickshank, an appearance by Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons) and others... Also joining us in voice, film, recording and spirit will be ex-band member/person and dear friend, artist David Wojnarowicz.

    3 Teens Kill 4 is: Doug Bressler, Brian Butterick (AKA Hattie Hathaway), Bill Gerstel, Julie Hair & Jesse Hultberg.

    Additional Visuals By: Mike Estabrook, Marnie Jaffe, Vandana Jain & Rachel Wolf. We're grateful to NYU Fales Library and the Estate of David Wojnarowicz for loaning us audio and film work by our former bandmate for the show.

  • Update May 26th 2011: MMMW-Bushwick Open Studios

    MMMW-Bushwick Open Studios

    This installment of Bushwick Open Studios I will be participating with 5 other artist in a group show titled MMMW. I am doing an installation in an outdoor area that will be accompanied by a new video and a live soundtrack performance. The installation and performance is inspired and created around the phenomenon of second life weddings. Second life weddings have started being used to help couples recreate and archive their memories in a cgi format. examples can be seen hereAmiah and bigdaddyfr33k's Wedding - March 26, 2011

    With reference to an anonymous Craigslist post, the title MMMW preludes the curatorial motivation for the exhibition. With consideration for the diverse range of content, the relation of these- and many young artists- to exhibition platforms and public presence, is experienced incidentally through the Internet. Blog updates, RSS feeds, mailing lists, Facebook events, webzines, all contribute to a haphazard, by-the-bye administration of "Art We See." Of course, this is not news- just a modest predication for an NSA one-night-stand.

    Participating Artists:
    Jonathan Chapline
    Joe Jagos
    Ali Miharbi
    Marco Poggio
    Emma Shapiro
    Sarah Sieradzki

  • Update May 25th 2011: VIDEOS ON THE FRONT

    Videos on the Front
    June 3, 2011

    On June 3rd INTERSTATE PROJECTS presented its first public video screening, Videos on the Front, held in conjunction with the first night of Bushwick Open Studios, and coinciding with the opening of the group show Composite Factor.

    23 videos by a wide range of artists were projected onto a steel wall across the street from the gallery at the corner of Grattan St. and Bogart St. (local lore states this is a Gotti family front, hence the name, Videos on the Front).

    Participating Artists:
    Jerstin Crosby
    Jesse McLean
    Arielle Falk
    Sara Ludy
    Gregg Louis
    Justin Berry
    Alyssa Taylor Wendt
    Eric Fleischauer
    Maria Petschnig
    Nancy Tien
    Katie Torn
    Jesse Hulcher
    Matt Torti
    Yefeng Wang
    Harriet Owers Bradley
    Johannes De Young
    Joe Jagos
    Shaun Slifer
    Tre Chandler
    Charlotte Halberg
    Rebecca Goyette

  • Update March 28th 2011: PPOW Presents-David Wojnarowicz as by Joseph Jagos

    Joe Jagos presents
    Reading and Performances inspired by David Wojnarowicz
    April 7, 2011
    6:30 - 8:30pm

    I have been given the opportunity to perform and read some of David's writings stemmed from a combined effort between PPOW (David's Estate) and myself. During his most recent show at PPOW titled 'Spirituality Works' March 5th- April 9th 2011, I have curated a night of readings done by myself along with assistance on covers of David's band '3 Teens Kill 4'. I formulated this in response to the National Portrait Gallery's censoring of 'A Fire in my Belly'. Below is PPOW's write up.

    'The Collectors' influence on what the museum shows continues this process secretly with behind-the-scenes manipulations of curators and money. Jesse Helms, at the very least makes public his attacks on freedom; the collectors and museums responsible for censorship make theirs at elegant private parties or from the confines of their self created closets." -David Wojnarowicz 'Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration'

    In response to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery's censorship of an re-edited version of David Wojnarowicz' A Fire in My Belly, Joe Jagos has organized a one night event to highlight David's prophetic statements on the issues of censorship as well as Wojnarowicz' influence to younger artists in music, art and politics.

    Part one will be Jagos reading three excerpts that highlight the focus of David's writings; Censorship, Separation, HIV, and Homophobia. Part two of the performance will have a group of five musicians performing an interpretation of the music of 3 Teens Kill 4, a band David was a member of. These performances will be accompanied by projections of clips from the films and video; A Fire in my Belly, ITSOFOMO, and Silence = Death.

    Readings and Performances by:

    Joe Jagos--Sam Consiglio--Chris Puidokas--Kerry Davis--Daren Ho--Carrie-Anne Murphy

  • Update September 20th 2010: Great Lakes.Great Times.

    Great Lakes. Great Times.
    There's better things to look at than empty buildings in Detroit.
    Opens from 7-11pm Oct 2nd

    I am in this group show because I am from Michigan

    Allison Busch and Friends art Opening Oct 2nd featuring works of artist and musicians of Detroit. Including artwork from members of Tyvek, Wolf Eyes, Adult, USA is a Monster, and more.

    Participating Artists:
    Kendall Babl
    Dana Bell
    Mike Connelly
    Tara Connelly
    Sam Consiglio
    Tom Hohmann
    Joe Jagos
    Kathy Leisen
    Trevor Millay
    Gregory McKeighan
    Heath Moerland
    John Olson
    Chris Pottinger
    Cristin Richard
    Brad Taormina
    Vaughn Taormina
    Nate Young
    Matt Ziolkowski
    Alivia Zivich

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